Things you need to ponder before buying a Massage Chair

You get home after a long tiring day and your back is hurting like some roller coaster is having a ride on you, your neck is stiff like an iron rod has implanted in you, your shoulders makes you feel like a heavy weight champion is having rest on them and your legs are throbbing with an intense pain of like you ran across a country. At this moment, all you can think is to have a long and a relaxing massage which just grabs the pain and tension out of your body. For this purpose, you immediately needs to have a best massage chair at your place.

Massage chairs are made to help you relax while watching TV or having food or reading a book comfortably at your place. But there are certain questions things you need to ask yourself before buying a massage chair. These are discussed below:

What sort of massage chair you need?

Before you buy anything, the first task is to jot down what are your needs and why are you running for a specific product? No matter what is your age, gender, or profession, you need a good relaxing massage at the end of the day without putting much effort. But if you are suffering pain on specific parts of your body then you need to analyze what sort of massage chairs are available that perfectly targets that part.

According to a report published in 2017, 85% of neck pain is because of stress, anxiety and depression. And in this age of hustle bustle, who is isn’t having a noose made of these?! So a massage chair which is mainly destined to soothe the muscles around neck is the one you are looking for.

One study determined that physiotherapists suffers from acute neck pain. Statistics showed that 52%, 57%, 48% and 83.8% physiotherapists in India, New Zeland, USA, and China respectively experience neck pain because of the kind of work they do. Ironically, the ones who are supposed to give you a comforting massage suffers the same intense pain you are going through. And YES, if you are physiotherapist then you need one good massage chair in your home as well.

 Will it be accommodate to my place?

Massage chairs comes in a variety of sizes and with multiple associated accessories. They may take a huge amount of space in your place or if they are foldable then you would easily place them in your bedroom or in study room. You should ask salesperson for a right massage chair for your required place. Some massage chairs comes with wheels so you can move it wherever you want it, sometimes to enjoy massage in a bright sunlight of winter days or in air conditioned darkroom of summer days. So ask yourself where you are going to put your massage chair. It will help you finding the right one and save you from the future head scratch.

 How much your pocket can bear?

A good massage chair can work miraculously but it doesn’t mean that a miracle has to be an expensive to let it do wonders on your body. Most of the costly massage chairs available in market has got so many complex features and their sky-high prices are just because of those features which ultimately an individual is not going to use at all.  So don’t run after an expensive massage chair with a thought of buying a most needed one. A second question you ask yourself is how much money you can spend on buying a massage chair without hurting your upcoming days? If you can’t afford a luxurious chair with a brand tag on it, go for buying a local brand massage chair or at least buy yourself a massage cushion which can easily be available in shopping stores.

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